Eighth Masonic District of Massachusetts

Eighth Masonic District of Massachusetts


Lodge of Instruction

The Eighth Masonic District hosts a monthly Lodge of Instruction for Lodge Officers, Candidates, and any Mason who wishes to improve their knowledge of the Craft. This LOI takes places on the 1st Wednesday of every month, with the exception of July and August.

The location for LOI is in the Weymouth Masonic Building at 610 Broad Street, Weymouth.

LOI begins promptly at 7 PM, and dress code is suit or coat and tie. There is a collation following every Lodge of Instruction.

Attendance of Lodge of Instruction is required for Lodge Officers. Senior Officers must attend 7 out of 10 months in order to be eligible to advance in their station.

2018 - 2019 Topics

Month Host Lodge Speakers Notes
September Delta Proper Prepartion
RW Stephen Cohn

Bro. Rudyard Kipling
RW Graeme Marsden
October Milton What Every Woman Should Know About Freemasonry
MW Thomas Pulkkinen
Ladies and Non Masons Welcome
November Euclid Floorwork and Your Lodge
Wor. Kenneth Longo

Operative to Speculative: The Evolution of Early Scottish Masonry
Wor. Jason Richards
December Rural Curiosities of the Craft: Treasures from the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts Collection
Hillary Anderson Stelling

Holiday Party
Ladies and Non Masons Welcome
January Weymouth United Travelling Man - Visiting Masonic Lodges

The Lodge As a Memory Place
Wor. Steve Hudson
February Norfolk Union Masonic Calendar System

The World at the Time of the Blue Lodge Degrees
Wor. Michael Bickford
March Delta Rainbow and DeMolay Presentations

Masonic Funerals and Memorial Services
RW Timothy S. McGavin
Ladies and Non Masons Welcome
April Milton The 7 P's of Success
Task Management and Communication

7 Masonic Wonders of the Continental United States
Wor. Ryan Flynn
May Euclid The Principles and Philosophy of Black Tie:
Understanding the Tuxedo in Freeemasonry
Bro. Ernesto Fernandez

Personal Finance
Ladies and Non Masons Welcome
June Rural A Taxonomy of Anti-Masonic Thought
Wor. David Riley and Bro. Nicholas Harvey